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Take your property management company to the next level!
Full Program ($495)

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll learn so much from this course for you and your team that we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. You can purchase the course, come adn check it all out and then if, for any reason it isn’t for you, just let us know and you’ll get your money back. No hassle.

Using Virtual Assistants (or VAs) has transformed our Property Management business. We used to be constantly working to keep things going, watching carefully to make sure we stayed profitable and the stress was taking its toll. We realized that payroll is one of the largest expenses for a property management business so when we found a way to  add 5 new employees for the price of one current employee, we were VERY excited.

We now have a team of employees here locally in the US and a team of VAs overseas which has allowed us to grow 2 to 3 times and only increase payroll by 50%. But not only are the profits up, we aren’t constantly babysitting the company and our stress has nearly entirely dropped. By using employees from overseas, we can now focus on much more exciting things such as growing our business, finding new areas to invest in, be with our families more and enjoy life so much more. We’ve had so much success with virtual assistants that we’ve put this course together to teach you how you can do the same for your property management business. We’ll show you how to add to your team in a way that will make such a big difference in your business.

You’ll get direct access to us to answer your questions and to help you and your staff through any questions you may have. In this online course, you’ll learn how to use the

6 Elements to Successfully using Virtual Assistants

  • Task Selection
  • Processes
  • Finding & Hiring
  • Setup & Training
  • Incentivizing & Motivating
  • Recruiting & Retention

Some of the best things that you’ll learn are:

  • The good and bad tasks for VAs to do
  • What changes you’ll need to make so that your VAs can do a great job for you
  • Examples of how to get VAs to help you with your business
  • What technologies you’ll need to use and how to use them with your VA
  • How to create audio or video trainings for your VAs and employees so you don’t have to repeat your efforts
  • How to find VAs and how to interview and choose one
  • What to pay and HOW to pay a VAs
  • How to keep VAs included in your business
  • How to keep VAs excited and enrolled in making you successful
Full Program ($495)

Full Program + Monthly Support ($445 + $99/month)

Full Program + Yearly Support ($395 + $1000/year)